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What's on in Wikidocumentaries
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This ticket will be updated to present the things that are going on, the most crucial blockers, and the easy tasks to pick up.

What's happening

  • The Map component gets a facelift. T261560 The component now uses Mapbox JS GL. Shapes from OSM are displayed on the main map when there's an item with Wikidata tagging with the current ID. The existing map component features need to be recreated (old maps layer and search interface, displaying nearby items and images).
  • There will be a third display mode, Map, in each component in addition to Gallery and List. T261566
  • An experiential map is created in the Central Park Archives project. It may become an initial wikidocumentary. T255532
  • An upload banner for Wiki Loves Monuments is displayed in Wikidocumentaries. This is experimented with the Finnish and Indian items. T262156
  • A collaboration project with Tilaushistoriakeskus in Finland will create a local history wiki using WBStack. More info to follow.

Crucial blockers

  • Solve the OAuth issue to enable logging into Wikidocumentaries and connect the account with Wikimedia projects T229746

Starter tasks
See the section "Tasks ready to be picked up!"