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Variant C/D: fix overflow in impact module
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Leftover issue that has come out of T258005 is that the list items on the Impact module is overflowing due to fixed row height of each item. This appears to be occurring on the lower-end widths of the Standard and Wide layouts.

Variant C/D @ 799px (narrow)Variant C/D @ 801px (standard)Variant C/D @ 1279px (standard)Variant C/D @ 1281px (wide)Variant C/D @ 1975px (wide)
Screenshot from 2020-08-10 20-20-33.png (955×636 px, 83 KB)
Screenshot from 2020-08-10 20-20-48.png (822×647 px, 78 KB)
Screenshot from 2020-08-10 20-18-44.png (975×632 px, 140 KB)
Screenshot from 2020-08-10 20-19-20.png (461×638 px, 29 KB)
Screenshot from 2020-08-10 20-17-02.png (976×1 px, 142 KB)
Screenshot from 2020-08-10 20-17-39.png (465×1 px, 37 KB)
Screenshot from 2020-08-10 20-16-13.png (966×1 px, 162 KB)
Screenshot from 2020-08-10 20-15-04.png (909×1 px, 159 KB)

Proposed solution:
When the Impact module is <300px, change the row layout so that the article title is above the thumbnail and # views:

image.png (1×1 px, 265 KB)

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MMiller_WMF renamed this task from Newcomer homepage: Fix text overflow issues on the Impact module caused by Variant C/D layout changes to Variant C/D: fix overflow in impact module.Sep 28 2020, 5:39 AM
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If we do T264462: [Leftovers] Newcomer homepage: Visual design improvements to the homepage layout on Desktop, the impact module will have a minimum width, and this task could then be declined.

Declining per the comment above.