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mediawiki-docker destroy feature
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Add the ability to destroy the mediawiki-docker environment

Acceptance criteria:

  • running 'destroy'
    • renames or deletes the LocalSettings.php file
    • deletes the cache folder
    • deletes the vendor folder
    • other to be determined...

Event Timeline

jeena created this task.Sep 9 2020, 1:27 AM

Description could be slightly improved, is this mw docker destroy?

other to be determined...

I guess one of the questions here is how many services to destroy? All of them?
IMO that should be a yes at this level.

Thinking in the direction that mwdd-v1 went in and also the draft port on gerrit further services would have sub commands, so I could see in the future us also having mw docker mysql destroy or mw docker redis destroy for example as well as mw docker mediawiki destroy