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Show language links from other tabs than the article tab
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Language links on Wikipedia were originally pulled from the article markup, so they were not available on other views like history, which was part of the parser output. Since we started using Wikidata for this connection, this is no longer true, yet the other tabs – talk, history – remain unlinked. There's as far as I can tell no reason for this and we should fix it.

Objective: Add language links (links to the content in other language versions) to other tabs than the article tab.


  • Should the link always go to the article tab? Or should the history tab point ot the history tab of another language?
  • Are there differences for other Wikimedia wikis to take into account (Wiktionary, Wikivoyage et cetera)?

See also: T47687: no language links shown in edit mode

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Johan created this task.Wed, Sep 9, 8:24 PM
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Makes perfect sense to me. Perhaps it can be done as part of the "Desktop Refresh" project.

To take into account: not all sitelinks are on Wikidata. There are some local overwrites that still use the in-line way of creating interwiki links. These are likely to stay also long-term. In addition the links between main namespace pages on Wiktionary is created automatically without Wikidata involvement. They are created by the Cognate extension instead.

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Should the link always go to the article tab? Or should the history tab point to the history tab of another language?

@Johan I think this is the main question. Can you frame this request from a user need / workflow perspective? It may help clarify some of the open questions.

Interestingly we actually intentionally disabled interlanguage links from the advanced Talk pages on mobile because we thought it might be confusing (i.e. where does it lead?).

In Vector the "tab" has more prominence than on mobile because it's located above the page title. So I think if we went from en/Talk > ja/Talk, or en/History > ja/History I think that would make sense from a system perspective, but not sure if that matches the actual workflow/use case.

Relatedly, we've talked a bit about how it might make more sense for the page title to be above the tabs (instead of below). I think if we went in this direction it would be more clear that you'd get directed to the article tab of the new language, even if you're on Talk/History/etc.

Johan added a comment.Mon, Sep 21, 2:38 AM

@Ata hade a maybe obscure but still interesting use case.

In most cases, I'd see the use case as not having to take the extra step. A couple of examples:

  • Looking at the article history of an article in German Wikipedia I realise it's got to be imported from English. I don't want to comb through the history to find the link to the English article, it's quicker to just click on the language link. But, uh, it's not there? Oh. I have to go to the article tab first.
  • I want to check out article X in three languages. At the first, I start wondering a thing, and also check out the history tab. Once there I'm confused there are no language links.

But that's just a few things I had in mind when I created the ticket. There might be other reasons I hadn't thought about.

Johan added a comment.Mon, Sep 21, 2:39 AM

@alexhollender I could ask a bit more widely to see if people have more use cases/opinions, if you'd want that.

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