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Contributor gets list of lead image candidates for a page
Open, Needs TriagePublic


"As a Contributor, I want a list of lead image candidates for a page, so I can choose one for this page."

GET /page/{title}/lead-image/candidates

Get the candidate images to be a lead image for this page.

Parameters: none

Notable request headers: none

Notable status codes:
200 - zero or more images are listed in the response body
400 - this page already has a lead image
403 - you can't read this page

Notable response headers: none

Response body: a JSON object representing the candidate lead images with these properties:

  • lead_image_candidates: an array of 0 or more images that are a candidate to be the lead image of this page. Each images is a 'File' object, medium size, with the following properties:
    • title
    • license
    • preferred: preferred file representation, FileRepresentation object medium size, with these properties:
      • mediatype
      • width
      • height
      • size
      • url