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Deleting extraneous line breaks in a section creates a duplicate paragraph when using visual editor on mobile
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to
  2. Copy the wikitext of the page into your sandbox for demonstration purposes (the bug is not isolated to the sandbox)
  3. View this page in your sandbox from a mobile phone browser (not the Wikipedia app), and notice that there is some extra space (line break) at the end of the "Amazon appointment" section
  4. Click edit on the "Amazon appointment" section and select the visual editor
  5. Attempt to remove the extra line breaks by tapping on the blank area beneath the text (about an inch or more below the paragraph to make sure you do not miss a line), then pressing the backspace button. You will have to press the backspace button twice to delete each empty line, and there appears to be two extraneous line breaks, so you will need to press backspace a total of four times before it brings your cursor to the last reference in the paragraph.
  6. Save/review the edit.

Actual results:
The paragraph that was untouched is duplicated beneath the original (although now there is no extra space below the duplicate). Also, in place what were the references, the duplicate has two snowmen characters "☃☃"

Expected results:
The blank space at the end of the section is removed.

Example diffs where this happened to me on English Wikipedia (and the next edit is me correcting the text by deleting the duplicate):

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I wasn't able to reproduce that problem. @ChromeGames923 Does this always happen for you? For example, can you try on this page? The problem might only happen with a specific browser, or a specific input method.

I tried searching for insource:/☃☃/ to find other corrupted pages, I found these three, although all of the edits have been made a long time ago and there's no duplication, so it's likely not the same problem.

Thanks for testing this so quickly, though that is interesting that it did not occur. The snowmen replacing references may very well be a separate bug that this one just happens to cause as well. In either case, I just tried on your page and it occurred again (duplicated "Test" with two snowmen after it). I can send a screen recording of it happening if it would be helpful?

The browser I am using is Firefox beta for Android, and my input method is Gboard (English). I am running Android 10.

This bug does not happen when using the desktop (where I can press backspace a single time to delete a line). It is odd that on mobile I have to press backspace twice to delete each line, as something is happening in the background that is not merely deleting the line.

This might be related to T263607, we should recheck after that is resolved.

@matmarex Yes, this still happens. I tried it again and got the same behavior on