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MediaWiki Developer purges all related output from parser cache
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"As a MediaWiki Developer, I want to purge all page output from the parser cache regardless of the type of parser that was used, so that there's not stale data returned to users."

When we purge the parser cache, it should purge Parsoid HTML, old HTML, and the Parsoid metadata blobs.

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eprodromou renamed this task from MediaWiki Developer purges all page output from parser cache to MediaWiki Developer purges all related output from parser cache.Sep 10 2020, 8:00 PM

We do not really ever purge things from the ParserCache. We do, however, update the page_touched on pages which effectively invalidate the data stored in the ParserCache. Now that we have multiple instances of the ParserCache, data is invalidated in all of them using the same page_touched mechanism.

If the meaning of this task is "do not return stale data" - it's done and should be marked as 'resolved'. If it is something else - please elaborate on what is this task trying to achieve.