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MediaWiki Developer stores wikitext output from HTML reverse parse in parser cache
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"As a MediaWiki Developer, I want to set, get and purge the wikitext output from a reverse parse in the parser cache, so that if I see that same HTML again I can quickly get the wikitext output without running a reverse parse."

The Parsoid API has a reverse-parse method. I don't know if the output is cached by RESTBase, but if it is, we need to replicate that in the parser cache.

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I don't think this is needed right now. Also, "transformation" might be a direction-neutral term instead of parse and reverse parse, but that is just a nitpick.

Pchelolo added a subscriber: Pchelolo.

This will not be supported in the ParserCache. There is a need for wikitext stashing for VE<->Wikitext editing switching, but it will be done via different mechanism