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icinga alert cleanup for power switches in eqiad
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There are some Icinga alerts because power switches in eqiad are down.

It is known that there is currenly ongoing maintenance but before just silently ACKing them i wanted to make a ticket to link to so it can be cleaned up.

It will need puppet changes to get these hosts out of puppetdb to get them out of Icinga.

currently alerting, ACKing with this ticket: ps-1-d3-eqiad, ps1-d4-eqiad

01:50 <+icinga-wm> ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - Host ps1-d3-eqiad is DOWN: PING CRITICAL - Packet loss = 100% daniel_zahn 
01:50 <+icinga-wm> ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - Host ps1-d4-eqiad is DOWN: PING CRITICAL - Packet loss = 100% daniel_zahn 

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2020-09-11T01:53:56Z] <mutante> ACKed alerts for eqiad power switches after making T262629

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im working on clearing all the alerts via the racking task T261452