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As we could see on, the subtitles can't be used on the sister projects (only their videos). Is it planned to deploy them please?

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 11:00 PM
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mdale wrote:

presently you have to add the gadget to each sister project that you want to view subtitles on. The mwEmbed is smart enough to look up subtitles from commons even if the video is hosted somewhere else.

For example the following link displays subtitles from commons, even though the video is on en:

It doesnt work for me either in your URL above, nor in (after the gadget installation).

Is it because we can't see in



In parallel I'm trying to reach a consensus if we have to install them...

You don't need those extensions. is empty, and it doesn't appear on Gadgets or

How have you installed the gadget?

Done, actually I had tried in my monobook, but now I've got a new message under the video file: "Available closed captioning files", and the subtitles are visible. We can close the case.

mdale wrote:

If the site is small enough like ( wikivesrity) and you have consensus, you can globally enable the gadget in the same way other gadgets have been globally enabled on commons ( imageAnnotator etc ). Would be interesting in early adopters to get wider testing and feedback on the component.

To do this simply copy the contents of to your MediaWiki:Common.js file


mdale wrote:

Not sure why this was reopened. The issue should be resolved now.