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[REQUEST] Sample of Active Users for Community Insights Survey: Second sample pull
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What's requested: Global Data & Insights needs an additional sample of active users for the Community Insights survey!

Why it's requested: We are having lower than expected response rates to the opt-in email and need to expand the sample.

When it's requested: ASAP!

Other helpful information: We are only requesting an additional sample draw from strata that were not exhausted in the original sample draw for 2020 ( Hopefully, the existing code for this previous phab task will make this a low-impact request. As in the previous task, we only need active users (users who were active editors in at least 2 of the past 3 months: registered, non-bot editors with at least 5 content edits across all Wikimedia content projects) who (1) have provided an email address, and (2) have EmailThisUser enabled. They also can't duplicate users pulled for the original sample.

The strata and sample size requests can be found in this spreadsheet, titled "2020 sample request 2":

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Rmaung created this task.Sep 14 2020, 4:01 PM

Hi @Rmaung! We'll review and triage this request at our next board refinement meeting on Tuesday, September 15.

LGoto triaged this task as High priority.
LGoto edited projects, added Product-Analytics (Kanban); removed Product-Analytics.

I will take this on, since I handled T248533.

I just delivered the extra sample to Becky, so this should be done.

nshahquinn-wmf closed this task as Resolved.Sep 27 2020, 6:41 PM

Since I haven't heard about any issues, I think this is done!