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Implement new user rights
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As mentioned in the Chat room, we currently have 3 special user groups; Bots, Admins, Bureaucrats.
It might be useful to create a translation admin status.
If the project gets bigger and contributions rise, so will vandalism, thus we may need patrollers in the near future.

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Pamputt changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Feature Request".Oct 6 2020, 7:58 PM

With the project being rebuilt after the fire, I think it is the right moment to implement the Translation Admin status. Indeed, several users are active and serious in their contributions about help and info pages, by translating them or improving the English (source) pages. Changes on source pages requires admins to mark these pages for translation after these contributors are done, while they could (in most cases) have the right to mark this pages for translation themselves.
This right could be implemented in the coming days/weeks if the community agrees, and we would then elect new translationadmins based on their eventual request on the LinguaLibre:Requests for rights page (to be created soon).
Edit: I initiated a communal discussion here 🙂

The change has been applied in production. See this PR on GitHub:

Feel free to reopen if permissions are lacking for the "translationadmin" role.

Patrollers are seemingly out of the scope of this ticket.

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