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GSoD 2020
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This task serves as an easy reference point for all weekly GSoD 2020 tasks. For each week, I would be documenting my work, thought process, reasons for making certain decisions, and most importantly progress.

The weekly breakdown would make it easy for anyone reviewing what has been done to locate certain tasks and get insights into how I approached solving them. It would also help me reflect back on why I made certain decisions and can come in handy for future GSoD interns/mentors.

My proposal can be read here - T255360: GSoD 2020 Proposal: Improving Wikimedia's onboarding processes and documentation standards

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apaskulin closed subtask T264746: GSoD 2020: Week 4 as Resolved.
apaskulin closed subtask T264262: GSoD 2020: Week 3 as Resolved.
apaskulin closed subtask T263630: GSoD 2020: Week 2 as Resolved.

GSoD 2020 is complete!