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[Technical investigation] What happens if a specific section you are watching gets moved?
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Note: this may be blocked on the creation of persistent section IDs

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Possibly related to this: What happens if a second section appears on the same page with the same section heading?

Possibly related to this: What happens if a second section appears on the same page with the same section heading?

The table of contents already handles this scenario by using IDs foo, foo_2, foo_3 etc. If I understand it right, this happens in DiscussionTools as well, for example here:

<h2><span class="mw-headline" id="Vandalizmus" data-mw-comment='{"type":"heading","level":0,"id":"h|Vandalizmus|2017-01-27T15:26:00.000Z","replies":["c|Csuja|2017-01-27T15:26:00.000Z|Vandalizmus"],"headingLevel":2,"placeholderHeading":false}'><span data-mw-comment-start="h|Vandalizmus|2017-01-27T15:26:00.000Z"></span>Vandalizmus[…]</span></h2>


<h2><span class="mw-headline" id="Vandalizmus_2" data-mw-comment='{"type":"heading","level":0,"id":"h|Vandalizmus_2|2017-03-09T21:43:00.000Z","replies":["c|Kemenymate|2017-03-09T21:43:00.000Z|Vandalizmus_2"],"headingLevel":2,"placeholderHeading":false}'><span data-mw-comment-start="h|Vandalizmus_2|2017-03-09T21:43:00.000Z"></span>Vandalizmus[…]</span></h2>

(notice the id properties in the data-mw-comment attributes).

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Per the conversation @Esanders and I had on 26-Jan-2021, we are going to defer answering this question until it becomes an issue

We've answered this during development, but forgot to close this task until now… The answer is: Nothing happens, and you continue receiving notifications for that section.

Topic subscriptions use item names to identify the topic, which are independent of the page title (I assume moved here refers to being moved to a different page, as moving them within a page is trivial). They're documented briefly in T274685 and mw:Extension:DiscussionTools/How it works#Assigning ID and name: the names of threads are based on the author and time of the oldest comment in the topic.

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