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Upload initial ZObjects to wiki
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For the ZObjects created in T260315, there will be a mechanism to upload them to the wiki.

That mechanism might ideally be self-updating, but it might also require calling a command on the shell (similar to database updates).

This may also be tied together with T260314 regarding inalienable truths, as the file having the basic types might be representing these inalienable truths (the files could be split up in case some of it is inalienable and some of it is just initial but changeable).

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DVrandecic renamed this task from Upload initial files to wiki to Upload initial ZObjects to wiki.Sep 16 2020, 9:53 PM
DVrandecic created this task.

This is now done on initial installation by {2d68f0b06c1f2d322587bbb6d7b852148c7a7f7e}. Updates aren't yet supported, however. Is that sufficient?

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That's good for now. If we want to figure out updates, a new task should describe how.