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As a user, I want to add Widgets without caring what my Explore feed settings are
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We want to make sure the Explore feed settings are decoupled from which data shows in the widget. The line here needs to change from moc.newestVisibleGroup(of: .onThisDay, forSiteURL: siteURL to moc.newestGroup(of: .onThisDay, forSiteURL: siteURL, (might need to make a new helper method to handle this) as well as the associated deep link fetch here to the same logic.

That should hopefully fix some of the data issues, but some test steps would be to hide the Explore feed card for the user's primary language, and confirm that the widget snapshot in gallery and the widget on the home screen still shows the primary language data for today.

We should also do these steps for the Top Read and Picture of the Day widgets if they are not already set up in this way (though Picture of this Day might not need the siteURL logic when fetching data, as it's not language-specific).