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Styling glitch when switching tabs to preview section
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When comparing the section and article contents (T241589) in Section translation users can switch between the source and target contents. When doing that there seems to be a glitch that makes the styling and spacing of some elements to change for no apparent reason.

The example below is based on the translation of the "Operation" section of the Tandoor article from English to Indonesian (try). You can notice the following in the example below:

  • The font weight for the section title ("Operation" in the header) changes when switching.
  • The size of the article title ("Tandoor" in the header) changes when switching.
  • The article/section title in the preview changes positions (notice the movement of the "open in new tab" icon when switching).

Sep-18-2020 11-41-09.gif (688×538 px, 2 MB)

This may be produced by some CSS from the previewed content to affect the broader UI. We may want to isolate those better to avoid unexpected interactions.

I tried this with Chrome on Mac.