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Support multiple language customizable widgets on iOS 14
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Story: As a multi-lingual widget user I want to be able to have widgets in multiple languages and to be able to customize which language is used from the widget itself.

This probably applies to Top read and On this day, but not PoTD?

I think we'd want/have to just use standard flows/components (the edit flipside mode and a selector), so there's no UX to design, but @cmadeo have a think on it.

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I love this idea, but I don't know if this is something we can support right now. It does look like you can have multiple of the same widget (size and type) so if we can find a way to customize them, I'd be happy to do a design to support this user story

I don't think we'd be able to have two different languages in the same sized widget (though there may be a hacky way to make it happen), but we could use different languages on different sized widgets of the same type.

As a result of some of the widget clean up/explorations during iOS engineering week, we have a path towards more autonomous widgets with user configurable languages (to allow, for example, three different top read widgets of the same display size on your home screen in three different languages). Once we're able to move all our new widgets to the new independent reloading model, it should be fairly straightforward to implement multiple language support on them.