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Absolutely wrong definition.
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1 - Open in the browser the following address: (this will lead you to the article with the mistake in my native language, Spanish)
2 - Right after the presentation of the person referred to G-Dragon (like place and date of birth), the first definition that refers to that person is: "es un ser humano superior", wich literaly means "is a superior-mayor human being", literaly.
I dont know exactly how could this mistake happen, but using this sentence as the first sentence for describing a person, no matter who he/she is, like that, is deplorable, not only for me as human being but as well but for the person who wrote something like this about another human being (because I dont find any other posible mistake like a translation one)
I attach a cut from a screenchot I have just take to add to this{F32356943}

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Hi and thanks for reporting this. For future reference, please discuss content of Wikipedia article(s) on their corresponding Talk/Discussion page.
Closing this task as invalid as Wikimedia Phabricator is for reporting software issues and not for on-wiki content issues of specific articles. Thanks for your understanding!