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Sanitized CSS on
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I've created a new main page for, but apparently I don't have the rights to create a sanitized CSS. The current admin on Wiktionary is mostly inactive so no help there.

Tets main page on
Test main page on (where I am an admin, and was able to create a sanitized CSS):

How do I get it to work on nds.wiktionary, so that the main page becomes bit mobile friendlier?

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Evrifaessa added a subscriber: Evrifaessa.

You may request help from a steward. Stewards act as a regular local admin (and a bureacrat, when required) in WMF wikis where there is no active administrator. This doesn't have something to do with Phabricator, and if I'm right, an admin needs to use rights to change content model, so a steward may help.

Thanks Evrifaessa! @Servien: might also provide some general further hints and contact info.

Thanks for the info, I'll do that! :)