Search returns pages where the "search_text" is included in "Edit summary" and / or in a prior version
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Author: gangleri

Halló, I was "search"ing for "oraşe gemele". (Note: these words
are containing special romanian characters.)

I was getting the link

I knew, that neither the (actual versions) of the article text
nor the discusssion would contain "gemele". This word is
contained both in the "Edit summary" of the actual article as
also in prior versions.

You will get same results "searching with latin characters only"
when searching for "gemele"
search=gemele&fulltext=Caut%C4%83 .

For "Search" the following flags where activated:

  1. (Principala) = main (?)
  2. Discuţie MediaWiki = MediaWiki talk (?)
  3. Discuţie Format = Template talk (?)

Note: The order of the checkboxes at and differs.

Kveðja / Gruß / Salutas / Best regards


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The search index is periodically updated and, thus, may reflect slightly out of date versions. As such it's
known and expected behavior.

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