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The statistic of the number of articles in Japanese Wikivoyage is broken
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The statistic of the number of articles, in the statistics page and the magic word, in Japanese Wikivoyage is broken.
It says a number about 40 (some people says it's unstable: it says a number about 40 but sometimes about 180), but the pages mustn't be so few (please see here).

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Hi, the page Special:Statistics lists the number of content pages.
The number is updated twice a month: initSiteStats.php is run at 05:39 UTC on 1st and 15th of each month.
According to configuration, wgArticleCountMethod is set to link for this wiki. That means that a page must contain a wikilink to be included in the content page count. So the number might be lower than you expected.

I don't think there is a bug here.

参考訳 / Translation
Special:Statistics には、コンテンツページの統計が表示されます。

I will show the information. I had recorded of the number was 162 articles as of Sep. 1st, now, the number is 46.
The existing page has not many moved and deleted significantly, so I think the value is clearly abnormal.

I remember before this the number of articles was over 100.

It currently looks like "164" to me.

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The problem has been fixed. Thank you!

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