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Create documentation aimed at editors of existing translated pages
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It would be helpful to have a page giving Best Practices for "Documentation updaters of translated wikipages".

There is existing content for "first drafters", "translation-admins", and "developers" (in, but I can't immediately see or remember anything for people who are trying to update an existing translated-page.

E.g. If someone wants to make a edits (or a significant overhaul) in a page like where there is a lot of content already translated into many languages, then what are the few tips they should learn, to make life easier for the translators?

I'm imagining a simple page of tips, for people who are encountering <translate><!--T:1--> ... for the first time, and where the standard habits of "copy and adapt the patterns you see" don't always apply. Especially for monolingual editors who are less likely to see the Special:Translate UI itself, and thus not be able to intuit how it all connects together.
E.g. "Never write a translation-marker-number manually, the software has to do this part, and those markers will be added when a translation admin confirms the page/update is ready for translation."
E.g. "If you are just re-arranging the location of content without changing any words, then try to keep the translation marker attached to that 'block' of text (preceding the paragraph, or after the heading)."

Possibly could be used as the location, expanding the existing content there? Or a new page on mediawikiwiki?

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Hey Chris, am I misremembering or you once did something massive in this field?

Just putting this here:

Possibly too detailed, with too much info? We can break this content into easily digestible pieces.

We've also recently implemented this:

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We now link directly to when editing such page. I feel this is sufficient and future efforts are more likely going to be spend on improving the visual editing support for translatable pages.