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backport ipvsadm>=1.30 to buster-wikimedia or buster-backports
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1.30 is the first version to support Maglev hashing:

1.31 is available in Bullseye, so hopefully this is trivial.

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CDanis created this task.Sep 24 2020, 7:53 PM
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Turns out this was trivial. 1:1.31-1+deb10u1 is now in buster-wikimedia. I'll test on some backup LVS machine tomorrow or early next week.

JFTR; 1:1.31-1+deb10u1 is not an ideal version for an internal backport; better use 1:1.31-1~deb10u1 or 1:1.31-0+deb10u1 for future backports: If there's no further upload of ipvsadm in the remaining development cycle of Debian bullseye, then 1:1.31-1 would become the next stable version in Buster and 1:1.31-1+deb10u1 sorts higher than that, which can cause issues on dist-upgrades since the older version is retained. We typically reimage, though (with the odd exceptions), so we can simply keep the current version as-is, just a remark for future backports.

Ah, sorry, I didn't think that hard about sort order. It's been many, many years now since I had an email address.

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