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Enable Growth features by default in the Hebrew Wikipedia
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We have the Growth Features deployed to the Hebrew Wikipedia for more than a month now, and I'm thinking towards the required steps in order to set it as default in our Wiki. I would like to note some issues and suggestions regarding this:

First, In order to see if the Hebrew Wikipedia is interested and satisfied enough from the features so they can be set to default, I would like to make a survey about the features in a month or two, when there will probably be quite enough users to ask. If you can help, perhaps making an official Wikimedia survey may help in his manner.

Second, If the features are applied by default, will the homepage for newcomers be applied as default to every user (including the experienced ones), or only to these who register since then? The problem is that if it's applied to anyone, many users who don't really need mentors will have to manually remove the random mentor which was assigned to them (because they don't need one), which is quite an inconvenience to say the least.