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Local account not attached after SUL-Finalization
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The account of user Almeida is not attached at dewiki and the user is currently unable to login (OTRS Ticket Ticket#2020091310002393).

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The email for the dewiki local account don't match (however, just the domain differs). The email used at dewiki matches the email used to contact OTRS. According to login logs, both accounts were accessed by one IP, and the IP managed to supply valid temporary password. All those clues together indicate both accounts are owned by one individual with sufficient certainty to manually connect the accounts.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2020-10-09T21:53:41Z] <Urbanecm> [urbanecm@mwmaint2001 ~]$ mwscript extensions/CentralAuth/maintenance/attachAccount.php --wiki=dewiki --userlist users.txt # users.txt contains Almeida # T263935