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User Experience for the Watchlist
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User story

As a novice editor (or an experienced editor) of an article I care about, I'd like to monitor the article for changes, including:

  • Good-quality edits by other editors, so that I could thank those editors for their contributions.
  • Good-faith edits that don't quite make the grade, so that I could give feedback to those editors to improve their edits.
  • Bad-faith edits (vandalism, misinformation, etc.) that I could revert.

Conceptual notes

The Watchlist is actually very similar to our current Contribution History screen. The contribution history is a list of the most recent edits made by the current user. A watchlist is a list of the most recent edits made by other users, of articles that you're watching. When selecting an individual edit, we can reuse the exact same diff screen that we already use for contribution history.

Relationship with Notifications

Unfortunately, not much. It does not look like watchlists are designed in such a way that Echo notifications can be sent upon every edit made to any article in a watchlist. (Question: would we ever need such functionality?) The watchlist would become a 'destination' that the user would need to enter deliberately.

Questions to answer with UX

  • Difference between reading lists and watchlists?
  • Preferences and settings
  • Other questions?
  • Adding/removing articles?
  • How to get to them?

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