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"Mark this version for translation" is not available in the new interface
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Since the new version of Lingua Libre, the button "Mark this version for translation" is not visible anywhere after some content have been updated. This is probably due to the new skin.

I am looking for a workaround

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Here is the workaround. You need to enter URL such as

Example: a new language&do=mark

Pamputt changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Bug Report".Oct 6 2020, 7:07 PM
Seb35 added a subscriber: Seb35.

I assign myself because I will work on this for the contract with WMFR, but probably not on the short-time (update to MW 1.35 before).

Probably not closed immediately, VIGNERON and I are not sure why and when it was added in Common.css -- VIGNERON will search more on this -- but for now at least this link is shown.

The history says it was added by @0x010C ( so I guess we will not know before long...

Except if someone has more info or if it's not fully fixed, I think we can close this task.

PS: for the record, it's not directly linked but there is also this related task: T280972

Ok, closed for this one.