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Write Heavy Wing product plan
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We have an OKR for this quarter to write a product plan for Heavy Wing. Here is the work plan:

  • Chris/Andy write notes - DONE
  • Chris writes - DONE
  • Whole team reviews and comments
  • Chris adjusts from feedback
  • Tech department provides reviews and feedback
  • Chris adjusts for feedback

Event Timeline

@klausman @kevinbazira @ACraze My draft of the heavy wing product plan is complete. Can you all read it over the next few weekdays and add feedback to the doc.

@calbon I took a pass through and made a couple of suggestions. Overall, I think this looks great!

Did a pass as well. Mostly cosmetic suggestions

Thanks for the great work! I have had a look at the document and made a couple of suggestions too.

calbon moved this task from Review to Done on the Machine-Learning-Team (Active Tasks) board.