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Civi credential for Engage staff member, Ryleigh S.
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Hi, could you please also set up Engage staff member, Ryleigh Scheetz, with a Civi credential?

Info added to the contact list and I've copied @Eileenmcnaughton and @Dwisehaupt in the approval request.



Before we can take any action to add a user, we need to verify that they are authorized to have such access. This requires confirmation from their manager and approval from the C level that access is approved.

[x] user_verification
Requires: user request
[x] access_rights: letter to C level (currently Lisa) verifying grant of access
[x] account name/contact info: verify on

Accounts and Services

[x] client_ssl_cert
Requires: user_verification
[x] cert_setup: generate cert on frpm1001 using ssl_user_admin
[x] account_setup: sms the user the password for the key
[x] follow_on: assist with certificate installation
[x] civicrm
Requires: client_ssl_cert
[x] account_setup: Create user account. This will notify the user via email to update their password.
[x] follow_on: Verify user can log in to

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Approval received.

From: Lisa Gruwell
To: Leanne Schreibstein
Cc: Leticia Navarro, Eileen McNaughton,
    Dallas Wisehaupt
Subject: Re: Approval for two Civi credentials


On Thu, Oct 1, 2020 at 10:08 AM Leanne Schreibstein wrote:
      Hi Lisa!

      Hope all is well. We are gearing up for the onboarding of our new Fundraising Ops
      Associate, Melanie Demos, on Monday, and Engage has also requested an additional
      credential for their staff member, Ryleigh Scheetz, to support the ramp up in year-end
      donation volume.

Could you please approve Civi credentials for Melanie and Ryleigh?

Thanks so much,

SSL client cert created and sent via email. Password sent via SMS. Civi account created (ryleighs) and welcome email sent.

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Verified Ryleigh logged into civi with correct certificate installed.