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Enable people to turn off notifications for specific sections
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This task is about introducing functionality that will enable people to turn off/suppress notifications for specific conversations they have started (read: topics they have added to a discussion page).


Use case 1 > Event 2 requires that people be made aware when someone responds in a conversation they start.

Trouble is, there could be cases where someone participates in a conversation and the conversation garners a great deal of engagement (read: many people posting many comments). This volume of comments is likely to be disruptive to some people who have previously participated in the conversation.

In cases such as the one described above, people should have the ability to "mute" or turn off notifications for a conversation they: A) participated in and B) No longer want to receive notifications about.


For any topic a person creates on a Wikipedia talk page, regardless of the editing interface used to create said topic , they should be able to do the following:

  • Elect to turn off or stop receiving notifications from a specific thread
  • Elect to turn on or restart receiving notifications from a specific thread


  • "Requirements" are implemented


Event Timeline

@Esanders and I discussed this functionality should not be limited to people who created/started a topic. The task description has been updated to reflect this.