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Incomplete merging of Items
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Problem: Sometimes, when a user tries to merge two Items, the two corresponding edits, one on the source Item and one on the target Item, are saved with some of the changes, but not all of them. The conflicting labels, descriptions or aliases are left behind, and the corresponding redirect is not created. Often the responsible users don't notice the problem, so they leave the Items in that state. At the moment we don't know when the problem occurs, but we do know that merge.js was used at least in one case.


  • On 9 July 2020 Gotogo partially merged Q4783136 into Q22426445. Apparently, the user didn't notice.
  • On 19 August 2020 Philemonbaucis partially merged Q8619302 into Q30788505. Apparently, the user didn't notice.
  • On 2 September 2020 ДолбоЯщер partially merged Q9891392 into Q9909061 (including a link to merge.js). Apparently, the user didn't notice.
  • On 18 September 2020 Siam2019 partially merged Q9761807 into Q7006090. Apparently, the user didn't notice.