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Large file upload request for 0399CHRO
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Could this large file be uploaded from [2] please? It remains impossible for PDFs of this size to be uploaded by volunteers through the API or via project upload UIs, despite being well under the 4GB limit that supposedly applies. Currently this file is the largest example of IA book upload which is repeatedly failing.[3] The content is a book scan from 1879. A suitable filename would be "Chronological history of plants (IA 0399CHRO).pdf"

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What about using bigChunkedUpload.js script?

No, this does not work. Nor do any of the established local methods, including Pywikibot upload from a command line, nor even running a custom script to vary the chunk size, which appears to make no difference to likely outcome.

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I'll do it. Could you please provide a txt file having the description for Wikimedia Commons (ie. including the Information template and a valid license template)? Thanks.

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Filename is
File:Chronological history of plants- mans record of his own existence illustrated through their names, uses, and companionship (IA 0399CHRO).pdf

Starting image page text:

Thanks. Downloading the file to the maintenance server.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2020-10-17T13:22:22Z] <Urbanecm> [urbanecm@mwmaint2001 ~/uploads]$ mwscript importImages.php --wiki=commonswiki --comment-ext=txt --user=Fæ . # T264529

File is live.

[urbanecm@mwmaint2001 ~/uploads]$ mwscript importImages.php --wiki=commonswiki --comment-ext=txt --user=Fæ .
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Importing Chronological history of plants (IA 0399CHRO).pdf...done.

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