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Release 1.35 version of wikibase docker image
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1.35 of Mediawiki has been release and thus we should release the 1.35 image of Wikibase.
The image was already added in so this ticket is only about setting CI to tag the image.

Acceptance criteria:

  • the 1.35 (regular and bundle) image is built, tagged, and pushed to docker hub
  • The latest tags now point to the built 1.35 images
  • The README of the wikibase image is correctly updated


Original request


I saw that the github repo for wikibase containers:

contains the version 1.35 for Wikibase. I currently use 1.34 and I would like to upgrade (since I need some features from there).

When will be the corresponding docker pushed to docker hub?
Is there some documentation for migration?

I saw that a big SQL table was removed and split ... does this affect the migration instructions described here:

Especially I'm a bit worried about this part:

"In theory updates to the database, and anything else, will always be backward compatible for at least 1 major version, which is why we can run this update while the site is still being served from Mediawiki 1.30"

Thank you

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I'm curious about this, too. MediaWiki 1.35.0 was released almost a month ago now. Is there anything technically blocking Wikibase 1.35 from being built? I see T192006 and T192792 on the Wikibase Release Strategy workboard; perhaps the goal is to do them first? 🧩

Today's install procedure leads to installing MW 1.34 , EOL in November. MW 1.35 is EOL in September 2023, which seems far preferable to me for a new deployment of complex software, given the potential difficulty updating between major versions - even for a developer!

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Is there some documentation for migration?

This will likely be provided by Wikibase Release Strategy before the end of the year.,

I saw that a big SQL table was removed and split ... does this affect the migration instructions described here:

The general mediawiki upgrade instructions still apply (backup, run update.php and all).
All of the updates to the DB moving from 1.34 to 1.35 should be backward compatible.
Regarding the "big SQL table" being wb_terms: In 1.35 BOTH the new and the old table will be written to, hold data and be read from. In 1.36 (unreleased) only the new tables will be read from, and the old table will be dropped. Note: You might see increased disk usage for SQL due to this when using 1.35

Looks alright. I've noticed that the image version in the docker compose file could be potentially also bumped:
This has not been part of this task, though. Therefore this could be closed.


I upgraded my instance from 1.34 to 1.35 following:

The instance is here:

all seams fine, but I lost the type as you search functionality, i.e. the search is always empty.


PS: tell me if this is not the right place for these type of questions, I felt this is related

It looks like the repo that you linked to is currently running 1.34? Did you downgrade again?
When upgrading to 1.35 did you run update.php?
I see CirrusSearch is installed, are you using elasticsearch for wikibase?

Hi, yes we downgraded again ..... yes we run update.php on 1.35. The setup is the wikibase-docker setup. We also tried to force reindex .... then strange thing was that when we had both instances 1.34 and 1.35 running then in 1.34 type as you search was working while 1.35 not. Do we maybe need also to update other docker images?
PS: I hope this helps to set up a new migration guide


I tried it again .... I confirm what you suggested. Additionally to the documentation here:

one needs to also deploy the new container:


Moreover to make then the search work again one needs to run:

ForceSearchIndex.php in


I'm not 100% sure but I think that if this is not done the search will work, but not the autocompletion.
After reindexing both will work.

Thank you again for your help. Hope this can help someone else!