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Mechanism to mark a REST endpoint as deprecated
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In IP Info we created a REST API endpoint that is immediately deprecated. However, there does not appear to be a good way to mark the endpoint as deprecated so clients know to stop using the endpoint.

Proposed Solution
Provide a way to mark an endpoint as deprecated.

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Hey, David. So, the recommended way to do this is with namespaces and semantic version; see T232485. So, if you've got a stable interface, you put it in a namespace like foo/v1, and if you have experimental endpoints they'd go in foo-dev/v0 or foo-unstable/v0. Once they're stable and supported, you move them to foo/v1.

LMK if that makes sense.

@eprodromou Thanks that is helpful. Let's say we have a stable (v1) endpoint that we decide to deprecate, would we include that in the response or what that be a part of the route metadata in extension.json ?

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Moving out of Platform Team inbox. We can retag this if it turns into a coding task.