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Redirected entity still present in search results after 6 months
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In March 2020, the entity Black Girl (Q70778234) was redirected to Black Girl (Q3211102).
Today, if I search for "Black Girl" on Wikidata, I can still see both entities as separate search results. The redirected entity appears with its former English description, "Senegalese film".

This sounds like the corresponding search index update was missed in ElasticSearch, perhaps? I do not know if this is an isolated case or if there could be more cases like this.

This was originally reported by @tfmorris as an issue with the OpenRefine reconciliation endpoint:

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The process that fixes these was turned off at wikidata's request. Mostly that means if somehow a delete is missed it will never be fixed.

@dcausse any idea if we can turn it back on?

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This bug is caused by the problem described in T239931.