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Investigate future life of the Samsynwiki
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Investigate future life of the Samsynwiki, including pre-paid maintenance.

Event Timeline

Asked for and received quote from Kreablo. Started compiling a list of activities that might be relevant in the coming years.

Activities and estimated time listed and left for @Lokal_Profil to look at.

Sent quote, estimate and activities to PN.

Sorting out some technical and administrative questions.

Follow up on status for change of project.

Sent questions to PN about current status of pending change of the project.

Sent questions about moving the wiki to Kreablo.

More questions about the move and potential change of domain name sent between PN and Kreablo.

Investigation of long term registration of a new domain.

Sent questions to JA (new project owner) and PN about what the new info about ending and starting the project means.

Talked to PN and JA about timeplan for the new project and when the server can be moved. PN to ask SU IT to leave the server up and running until further notice.

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Next step is to finalize the agreement with Linköping University.