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Update the suggester's content based on existing statements on the item
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Suggested by a community member here:
Provided the item has dates start time (P580) end time (P582) point in time (P585), the choicelist showing, when starting to type in a country in country (P17), should be showing existing countries at the times of the items dates. Eg for an old french item, proposing preferably Kingdom of France (Q70972) and not France (Q142).

Questions: can the suggester do that at the moment? If not, what would be the possible steps to make it happen?

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What's inside in the elasticsearch index could allow some level of filtering/re-ranking based on some context provided.
Currently statements that resolve to time values are not indexed and would be required here.
On the other hand selecting (or ranking higher) entities with proper P31 could be done if the list of P31 items can be inferred easily from the property itself (using P1629 perhaps?).

For P17 its P1629 property lists country and historical country so what could be done relatively easily is using such items to filter (or rank higher) items matching P31=Q3024240 or P31=Q6256.

In short I see 3 aspects to this ticket:

  • filtering/preferring countries or historical countries when starting to type a few letters is possible without more data in the index.
  • disambiguisation between France and other historical countries related to france would require issuing a range query on a time period but also indexing such claims.
  • filtering/preferring countries or historical countries but also subtypes (wdt:P31/wdt:P279*) of these sounds difficult using elasticsearch for now.

I am not yet convinced that the added complexity of handling this is justified tbh :/