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Inform Phase 2 wikis of planned deployment
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This task is about informing volunteers at "Phase 2" wikis of our plan to make the Reply Tool available as a Beta Feature and invite them to raise any issues they think should block said deployment.

Phase 2 wikis

The list of Phase 2 wikis and announcement URLs can be found in this spreadsheet: Talk pages project/Scaling.

Announcement components

  • Share
    • What we are planning to do: Make Reply Tool available as a Beta Feature
    • What evidence is leading us to think this is a good ideas: Wiki <> Reply Tool fit, usage and response from editors at other wikis, etc.
    • Where people can go to learn more about the Reply Tool: Share links to relevant documentation.
  • Ask
    • "What do volunteers think should be resolved before the Reply Tool is made available?"
    • "Can you share a link to a prototypical talk page whose contents we can copy and use for testing on a sandbox page?"


  • The table in the "Phase 2 wikis" section is populated with the list of wikis that should be made aware
  • Announcements are posted at each of the Phase 2 wikis
  • Links to each of the posted announcements are added to table in the "Phase 2 wikis" section

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