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I am attempting to use the FIX DEAD LINKS on the Dana Loesch wikipedia page,view history link [] because there are three links in the External Links section that are no longer active. One of the pages can be changed to an active link, the other two cannot. When I click the FIX DEAD LINKS link, I am sent to a page [] which says,

Permission error
The action you are trying to perform requires the analyzepage permission.

This permission is obtainable with the following groups: basicuser, user, admin, root, bot"

I cannot find any way to select a group or acquire the required permission.

This may not be the proper place to report this, however, I also cannot find any documentation or help page(s) to try to (learn how to) fix the permissions issue(s) myself.

This may also not be the proper way to fix the problem links on the wikipedia page. I am a novice at editing wikipedia pages, but would like to make the correction(s) to make the page more accurate.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Bryan Dean aka Spotter223 []

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Don't worry, you've come to the right place!

Please go to and you should see the following:

image.png (140×927 px, 17 KB)
Click on the link "Login to get started" to log in.

Alternatively, you can click on "Not logged in" in the upper right-hand corner and follow the instructions there:

image.png (120×348 px, 5 KB)

If that doesn't work, please post a screenshot of what you see.

You simply lack the permissions to use the tool because you are a new user on Wikipedia. You gain permissions on this tool as your experience on Wikipedia increases. You need at least ten on wiki edits before the tool will allow you to use it.

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