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[DRAFT] Security review for Speechoid service
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NOTE: This is a draft and not a finished review request

Project Information

  • Programming Language(s) Used: Python, Java, Go, Shell. There are also some web code (HTML, Css, Javascript) that is only used for testing and demo purposes.

Description of the tool/project

A TTS service for the Wikispeech extension. Allows for modularly adding more TTS engines in the future. Currently comes with MaryTTS. For more information about components, see mw:Extension:Wikispeech#Speechoid.

Description of how the tool will be used at WMF

The service will be used as a TTS backend for the Wikispeech extension.


Mishkal is a Python 2.7-service. Python 3.8 version is available, but only 3.7 is supported by the WMF base Docker images. Will probably have to wait for the release of Debian Bullseye or build our own Docker image without using Blubber in order to get passed this.

Has this project been reviewed before?


Working test environment