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relocate/reimage cloudvirt1013 with 10G interfaces
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  • - figure out where to move the host to a rack with 10G
  • - set downtime in icinga and then power off cloudvirt1013
  • - relocate cloudvirt1013 from b8-eqiad:u24 to b2-eqiad:u17
  • - relocate network from 1G to 10G, and plug into asw2-b-eqiad:xe-2/0/25 & xe-2/0/26.
  • - confirm 10G primary interface has PXE enabled and is setup for host traffic
  • - cable and update switch config for second 10G port for instance traffic
  • - disable 1g production nic interfaces, enable 10g network interfaces in system bios
  • - reimage cloudvirt1013

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this host still needs draining, I'll re-assign when it's empty.