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Add prop=pageprops module
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As above

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<Reedy> Also, for the page props, there's going to be no way to say "these are all the possible properties" is there? As I guess it's not stored...
<Reedy> Unless we add more globals (ugh..) and let extensions register any they may add, aswell as doing the core ones somewhere...
<RoanKattouw> No, those aren't being registered
<Bryan> you can also make it a parser static variable is you don't want to use a global :)
<Bryan> or even an instance variable

^ something to be thought about

soxred93 wrote:

What about doing a SELECT DISCINCT pp_propname FROM page_props; to fill the list of properties? It's hacky, but it'd work. If not, I think that a $wgPageProps array might be the best option, and it would match the current code conventions.

I think $wgPageProps would be much better than running that SELECT DISTINCT query over and over. We also do this for e.g. user rights.