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Don't encourage users to insert deprecated presentational tags by presence of such buttons on edit toolbar
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The edit toolbar should not contain buttons which insert deprecated presentational tags, such as <big> or <small>, which encourage users to use them, although they should not.

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Danny_B created this task.Jul 22 2010, 10:10 AM

Um, were they ever actually part of the html specs, i thought we just made up
the Big and Small?

(In reply to comment #1)

Um, were they ever actually part of the html specs, i thought we just made up
the Big and Small?

No, we didn't make them up, they're HTML tags. Look at the HTML output of previewing <big>foo</big> and you'll see it's really just <big>foo</big>

This actually suggests another possible solution (which should be another bug though) - keep <big> and <small> but render them as <span class="big/small"> (with appropriate other attributes coming from the original tag. Just for the record,so it won't get forgotten.

pvora wrote:

if i remember correctly, these buttons were used in our old (and new?) tool bar click tracking in japanese. with our other font size issues in script language, i wouldn't be surprised if this was the case for chinese, korean, etc.......

we were actually going to take these out a while back until we saw that data and decided to keep it in until another point of view (read: pleas to remove them) surfaced.

*Mass-change: Move WikiEditor bugs to component and remove blocker bug where*

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