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Comparison of Existing NSFW Datasets
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This is a micro-task for the T264045.

A basic comparison of the various NSFW Datasets is required. This can incorporate comparisons between the range of NSFW content each contains, the balance/imbalance in the dataset etc.

The report can be a Jupyter Notebook with the comparison. It'll be great to see some intuitive visualuzation.

Note: Avoid obscene content. If unavoidable, kindly make sure that it is hidden/blurred.

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Hi! Is it possible to send a PDF report with the necessary visualizations instead? My laptop is currently under repair so I cannot access Jupyter Notebook until after a week.

Hi, in my understanding it is possible to contribute to projects until October 31st.

Hey @Harshineesriram ! There is no need to rush with the contributions. You can take you own time. As @Aklapper mentioned, you have time till October 31th!
Using a Jupyter Notebook will make it easier for us to evaluate your work and have discussion on it.

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This task has been successfully resolved as part of the Outreachy Round 21 Internship by @Harshineesriram!

Kindly comment on the task if you would like further details.