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Initiate relationship building with communities to assess feasibility of conducting new technical programs
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As a follow-up to T259556. More details tbd.

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srishakatux triaged this task as Medium priority.Oct 8 2020, 4:43 AM


Kurdish Wikimedians user group

Notes from meeting in this doc. Next steps are below:

Begin holding online technical workshops (one per month) from January / February of 2021. Based on the notes in the doc, topics to focus on, listed in priority order, are below:

  • Debugging technical problems while copy / pasting templates from one wiki to another (Amaldvarez?)
  • Writing Wikidata queries (Mahir Morshed)
  • Wikidata-powered infoboxes (Mike Peel?)
  • Using and writing bots (Joaquin)
  • Writing and using user scripts & gadgets (Srishti + Jayprakash?)
  • Brainstorming session to gather the challenges (Birgit)

Other points to consider:

  • If the COVID situation improves, consider holding offline workshops in different countries where the members are currently based.
  • Revisit the plan after conducting the first set of workshops.
  • All materials developed for the workshops are well-documented and uploaded on Commons.Try to recruit mentors who can speak Kurdish, but it may not be possible. * * * Members of the Kurdish Wikimedians user group can also be mentors :)
  • Before designing a workshop, ask via a survey or other formats topics the mentor should cover based on the needs.
  • As members of the user group already have a beginner-level understanding of technical topics, focus more on advanced content.

Recruiting mentors for the workshop topics listed above is ongoing.

Wikimedia Chile

Notes from meeting in this doc. Community has plan to focus on smaller wikis in the region after the COVID situation improves, possibly in 2022. TE and the community can sync-up then.


Presented the idea in a ESEAP Hub's monthly group call w/ ~30 members from 22 countries that are part of the Hub. As a next step, met with members from Wikimedia Indonesia. Notes are in this meeting doc. Community plans to run a survey in December to gather technical challenges members face and skills they would like to learn. TE and community to sync-up in January to reflect on the survey results and further plan.

Opening up the Indic workshop series to communities in South Asia

Working w/ @KCVelaga, @Jayprakash12345, @satdeep_gill. Ongoing planning in this meeting doc. Link to the initiative's wiki page.

  • Shared the idea with at least one collaborator from the following countries via email, asking for their input on the idea and if they would be interested in joining the team. Two members are interested in joining the SWT team to further support the efforts.
    • Nepal
    • Bangladesh
    • Sri Lanka
    • India
  • Reached out to communities via village pump that seem to be not quite active, or we are not in close communication with members from these communities:
    • Pakistan (Urdu wiki)
    • Bhutan (Dzongkha wiki)
    • Maldives (Dhiveh wiki)
    • Afghanistan (Pashto wiki)
  • Possible workshop topics for 2021
    • Brainstorming session to gather technical challenges and possible solutions (Birgit)
    • Debugging template errors (Jayprakash)
    • Bots workshop (Joaquin)
    • ...