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Fix resources.Partner.None message when returning an authorization
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Users can return an authorization, expiring it and freeing up a space for other users, on their My Library page. Doing so sends them a system message, which currently appears to be broken. I just returned my Cambridge University Press account and received the message Access to resources.Partner.None has been returned.

The message is added in

The issue was likely introduced when we moved to a model whereby Authorizations can have multiple partners. is no longer just a single resource object.

Instead, we could do the following:

_("Access to {} has been returned.").format(,

.get() should always return one resource object because users can't return Bundle authorizations, which is the only case where partners contains multiple resources.

Note this code hasn't been tested - you should verify this does what it's supposed to.

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I would like to work on this task

Hi Sam,
I have one doubt

I had add these two authorizations which are show in the image from the Django Admin for testing and these are also get expired.
So now, how I can return them to see the message which you have mentioned in the issue.

Hi Sam,
I had created a log in a for debugging but, I don't know that where to see that log because there is no log files generated.
Can you tell me that how I can see my logs??

Hi @Yash4357 You'll need to give the authorizations expiry dates in the future.

@jsn.sherman or @Scardenasmolinar could you chime in on how Yash can access logs he's adding with the logging module?

Hi Sam,

Now, I give a future expiry date, but I don't know how to return this authorization to see the message you mentioned..

The authorizations need to be to resources with the Proxy access method :)

Hi Sam,
I did not understand, what you said?
Please can you elaborate it?

Merged. Thanks for your contribution!

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