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Page Creation Toolbar cannot be enabled
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I am a new page reviewer on enwiki, and in the course of new pages patrol (NPP) on a mobile device, accidently closed the Page Creation Toolbar (I clicked on the "X" button). Since then, I have been trying to search for a method to restore the toolbar, but in vain. According to [[w:en:WP:PCT]:

"If you close the Curation Toolbar accidentally, you can open it again by clicking on 'Curation Toolbar' or 'Curate this article' in the 'Toolbox' section of the left sidebar; this option is not available though if you were the page creator."

However, the option does not appear in the toolbox. Resultantly I am unable to restore the toolbar, making NPP difficult and cumbersome for me.

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Looks like someone has added a new "Open Page Curation" option under the "Tools" header of the left-side menu. Thanks to whoever has added it, and I think we can close this task as the problem is solved.