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Create helm chart for Speechoid
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How do we define hostnames/ips for dependencies? I.e. Wikispeech-server needs to be aware of the other Speechoid-services. In the docker-compose script on wmflabs this is a fairly simple setup. Also, Speechoid might not start up until the dependent services are available. We are probably setting up a pod that bundles the complete Speechoid-package with all services.


Dependent services are defined in the Wikispeech-server configuration. We will need to modify this to point at the service hostnames in k8s. See

We currently have a HAProxy in front of MaryTTS built in to our blubber, acting as a request queue (only one request at the time) to avoid overloading the service as each request will hit 100% CPU. Can we configure kubernetes to do this instead? Also consider what happens if we have multiple cores, MaryTTS seems to differ a bit, on my local Ubuntu it will use any available core and max it out, while I've seen it only using a single core on the wmflabs installation. This will indeed require consideration prior to deploying

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A bit of IRC log from #wikimedia-serviceops:

17:19 < kalle> Does adding dependencies in a Helm chart mean that those dependencies will be bundled as containers running within that same pod?
17:21 < kalle> If so, how would one go about setting up the helm so that some dependency might be running in other pods, potentially automatic up-down-scaling the service? Or is it ment that we should scale the one specific pod up and down?
17:22 < kalle> This is regarding the Wikispeech extension. Our backend, speechoid, is a bundle of quite a few services with rather simple dependencies.
17:23 < kalle> But some of the services are rather heavy on CPU, e.g. the speech synthesis.
17:24 < kalle> I was thinking it would make sense to scale those services only, having k8s balance the requests.
17:26 < kalle> Also, we have installed a HAProxy infront of one of the services, to act as a request queue. Only letting in one request at the time since it will consume 100% of the available threads. It feels as we should let k8s handle that when there are multiple instances up and running.
17:27 < kalle> For reference:
17:27 < kalle>
17:28 < kalle>
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17:59 < effie> kalle: is there a task related to rolling out speechoid to kubernetes?
18:00 < effie> it would be lovely if we could discuss those details on a task
18:20 < _joe_> kalle: yeah also, new services architectures are usually discussed before getting to the deployment phase with the stakeholders (including SRE)
18:21 < _joe_> maybe that was done. In that case, can you point me to the people you spoke with?
18:21 < _joe_> so that I can get a better idea of how the release was planned
18:23 < _joe_> if not, we will need to take some time to advise you on how to proceed. Horizontal pod autoscaling is not a great way to spawn new workers on demand, unless we are ok with having a lot of latency for individual requests.
18:26 < _joe_> what you probably want to do is to return 503 to the readiness probe while your container is processing a request (or multiple requests if we decide to serve more than one thread from the same pod)
18:26 < _joe_> but again, that won't probably work if not with a small number of incoming requests
22:15 < kalle> effie:
22:16 < kalle> _joe_: We've only talked to releng at this point, making sure they accept how we blubbered things up. 
22:16 < kalle> So this is really the inital ops-contact, working our way towards beta-cluster release.
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