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Rediscover, review, and update the federation input process for WDQS
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As a user of WDQS, I want to have an easy way to submit additional federation endpoints.

As an operator of WDQS, I want to have a simple process that provides flexibility but also protects the service from abuses. has been marked as inactive. Some dicussion around this topic:

We need community input on the process, the Search Platform team should not be in charge of deciding which request make sense and which does not.

We don't have a good understanding of the cost of federation from the WDQS perspective, we want to make sure there are no negative impact.


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Currently another way is to create a Phabricator task for each request of federation endpoint.

I created a discussion on the wikidata project chat for defining the community side of the process.

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I am still a little bit puzzled about what this needs to get forward. Is it a community process or WMF search team actions?

If it is a community discussion, could the process just:

  • Data in the endpoint needs to be openly licensed (CC-BY, CC0, CC-BY-SA, ODbL ... )
  • create a phabricator ticket for enabling the endpoint for federation